When we ask parents what they would most like for their children, most answer to be healthy and happy. And if health is something that is not completely in their hands, the pursuit of happiness can be made easier by following the following suggestions:

1. Let’s start with ourselves
How happy our child is depends significantly on how happy we are ourselves. Spend some personal time with friends, quality time with your partner, even some down time. Laughter is contagious, and you will certainly enjoy it from your child if you are also cheerful and rested.

2. Teach them to build relationships
No effort needed. Start by showing them small acts of kindness yourself, generous gestures, that will help children build their empathy, giving, and ultimately the satisfaction of giving.

3. Don’t expect perfection, but reward effort.
Parents who constantly have high demands from their children, cause them anxiety, depression, isolation. So applaud the effort and not the result.

4. Teach optimism
Look on the bright side of life with your child, ignore their possible failed attempts. Children who are optimistic have greater success in school, sports, and have better and more interpersonal relationships.

5. Know your child well
Do not try to force the child to have a behavior that does not suit him, if e.g. he is shy to immediately join a group, or even engage in some activity he does not like. Listen and observe to understand what he wants.

6. Instill restraint in him
Temperance is an even more important factor than intelligence for success in life.
So distract the child from what you don’t want him to do or get, or promise him something more interesting for now, until it’s time for what he’s asking for. Keep your promise and you will see spectacular results!

7. More game
Playtime is not just a moment of free time. It is an opportunity for learning, experiences and socialization. Meet up with friends, get out into nature, and find time for more play and carefree family time.

8. Turn off the TV
8. Turn off the TV Through research on children’s drawings, it was noticed that those who watched more than an hour of television a day had much poorer drawings, dull and dark colors, in contrast to the others whose drawings were rich, happy. Discuss, invent group games, read fairy tales, create together, and surely your child will prefer to spend happy time with you than to watch his favorite program.

9. Sit all together at the family table
The crazy everyday life usually does not allow us to co-exist at the lunch table. However, this does not mean that we cannot establish an afternoon “dinner”, where we will discuss our daily life, hear the child’s news from school, and share a funny moment.

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