The day the child goes to kindergarten for the first time is therefore a big step in his life. Daycare is a reality in modern society, either because mom is working or because it’s time to socialize the child.

However, research shows that children who go to daycare centers are more self-sufficient, independent and social, have a richer vocabulary and more knowledge. They also adapt more easily to new situations, learn to share, and acquire communication skills.

Every child has a different way of reacting during the adjustment period. Some children may be crying, others may be happy and waiting for the time to go to their new school. Intense and mixed emotions such as stress, anxiety, worry and anticipation overwhelm parents and children as the time approaches for the new beginning. The children do not know what to expect, while the parents worry about the smooth integration of the child into the nursery school. All these concerns are reasonable and normal to have, but it is up to you to make this transition as smooth as possible, both for your child and for you!

How will we parents prepare!

It is very important to choose the right moment when the child will go to school for the first time. If e.g. a baby brother is about to be born, the child must start school long enough before the birth so that he does not collect his starting school as a rejection for the “benefit” of the baby.

The first day at school should not be the first time you separate your child. Before joining the school, the child should have experienced short separations in order to feel confident that you are not abandoning him.

So after you decide which station to send it to, visit it with it. Together with the teacher, show him the spaces, the games, the yard.

When it starts, take time off from work, because you will need the adjustment period to be close to the child. For the first two to three days, until he gets used to the place and the people, you will need to be near him. You will then leave it alone for an hour, then two and operate as directed by the school’s trained staff

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