Spacious and richly equipped classrooms bathed in plenty of natural light, with educational material adapted to the ages of each section.

Sleeping room
for small and large toddlers with cots, for the midday rest.

Baby section appropriately configured for the requirements of this tender age, with a separate sleeping room with baby cots, relax, playpens, a special area for changing diapers and its own kitchen for preparing meals for each child. Educational games that promote their psychomotor and emotional development in a spacious and safe room for endless hours of fun!

Music room
with musical instruments for the music pre-education course.

Fitness room
with special sports equipment for young and old toddlers.

Safe and sun-protected outdoor space, with a separate yard for the post-baby section, and plastic playground systems from the award-winning company little tikes featuring slides, climbing frames, play tunnels for endless play for many educational activities.

2 interactive boards, an educational tool, used in most European schools, which becomes the right hand of the educator and at the same time magnetizes the children’s attention in the educational process, making the lesson particularly pleasant and creative.

Isolation room for children who may get sick during the day, with a cot until the parent comes to pick them up.

Surveillance camera system of all areas, every day for the best safety of the children.


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