Summer camp 2022 – A trip in time


PHASE I: 16/6/2022 – 29/7/2022

PHASE II: 16/8/2022 – 9/9/2022

It is possible to choose monitoring weeks.

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Summer camp 2022 – A trip in time

Summer camp is here! The most fantastic adventure begins in the heart of Thessaloniki. Educators and children step into the time machine and visit the craziest destinations in the past and the future. Happy kiddo children visit planets, countries, cities real and imaginary, creating, playing and expanding their cognitive horizons in a friendly, safe and of course… happy environment. Through activities and hands-on educational experiences, children develop their imagination, creative expression and curiosity. Our little friends co-create in this never-ending journey, filled with knowledge, experiences and endless moments of fun.

Summer begins at the wonderful Happy Kiddo area. A scientist built a time machine. This extraordinary invention is exhibited at the school. The inauguration of the time machine is the most spectacular, surreal and crazy party of the millennium. The scientific team that will put the time machine into operation is made up of the children who will take part in Happy Kiddo’s summer camp. Our team is called to help the scientist, as his machine has been damaged. They get lost in time and have to pick up all the pieces from both the future and the past. Will they manage to return again in 2022?


The following activities are carried out on a weekly basis by experienced and qualified staff:

  • Track
  • Zumba Kids
  • Robotics
  • Swimming
  • Music
  • Traditional dances
  • Ping Pong

The Program in detail

IN THE AGE OF THE DINOSAURS 20/06 – 24/06 2,000,000 BC

Children travel to the age of dinosaurs. They are looking to find their species in the forests. They collect dinosaur eggs, study their footprints and learn everything about them, what they eat, where they sleep, what they like. Some are welcoming and become their friends. But some want to hunt them, making them find solutions to stay safe.

RΟΒΟΤ-LAND 27/06 – 01/07100.000 Μ. Χ

The time travelers move from the past to the future. They are in 100,000 AD. All around them they see huge buildings that touch the sky. Nowhere do they see people, only machines and more specifically robots. People have disappeared. They decipher electrical codes. they configure robots and build their own. They drive flying vehicles and build their own machines. They look for the traces of the pieces of their machine by translating the language of the robots. How does a robot work and where does it get energy from? Did you know that in the future there are robots that we can swim with and train us?

LOST IN THE MINOAN CULTURE 04/07 – 08/07-2000 P. Χ

Next stop in 2000 BC. in the Bronze Age in Crete. They face the ornate palaces. They admire the works of art, the murals and even the clothes of the time. They decipher their writing which is Linear A but also the Cretan hieroglyphs. they study the disk of Phaistos with great curiosity. The children’s adventure gets bigger as they have to face the active volcanoes of Crete. As if that wasn’t enough, they find themselves in the endless labyrinth where the Minotaur is chasing them like another Theseus. They know the magical Minoan civilization and all the treasures it hides, lost in the past. They swim on the lacy shores of ancient Crete enjoying the sea.

A DIGITAL FUTURE 07/11 – 07/15-3000 AD

The kids travel to the future again. Humans now coexist with machines. They live in a digital world. In a world of electronic games, where everything has been replaced by buttons, screens and virtual reality has entered people’s lives. They make their own electronic toys, complete parts of the machine by creating electronic circuits. They compose game codes, they know digital heroes.

LOST ATLANTIS 07/18 – 07/22-4000 BC

They return to the lost island of Atlantis near the Straits of Gibraltar. According to legend it sank overnight. They dive into the waters to discover her. We see a city with developed technology. In the water sea creatures help us to discover the mystery that surrounds it. We discover the language, the culture and explore this magical and beautiful island.

LOST IN THE PLANETS OF SPACE 07/25 – 07/29-3,800 AD

And the time machine is turned on and sends them thousands of years later and specifically to 3,800 AD. They are inside a space rocket and are transported to the planets of our universe. Since they know how to operate this space rocket, they land on each planet and learn about its inhabitants, its peculiarities and special characteristics. They discover water on one planet, delicious food on another, special powers on another… They transform into little astronauts to be able to survive on those planets.

MAYANS – AZTECS – INCAS 16/08 – 19/08-2.000 BC

The time machine transports the children to another continent in America and jumps years back to 2000 BC. They are inside pyramids built by an ancient race, the Mayan race. They wear their distinctive clothes, know their religion and try to write like them. They step on suspension bridges built by the Incas and try to build similar ones… They wear the winged crown like other Aztec emperors and try to read the “Sun Stone” which is the calendar of this tribe.

ΑVATARS 22/08 – 26/083,800 A.D

And the time machine starts up again and transports them thousands of years ahead to a different universe… There they meet different people called Avatars. They learn what they are like, what they like to eat and how they live. The technology they have developed is very interesting to us and they have extraordinary powers that fascinate…

VIKINGS 29/08 – 02/09-790 BC

And the time machine started up again. Children jump to 790 BC. They go north to Europe and there they meet an ancient tribe, the Vikings. They know about these formidable warriors through their sagas and learn their mythology. They meet Thor, Odin, Freya and Loki. They learn about how they build their strong ships by being excellent at sailing. They turn Happy Kiddo’s pool into a North Sea that stretches between the Norwegian Fjords and swim as other Vikings.

THE BIG COMEBACK ! ! !-5/9 – 9/9

And the time travel has come to an end. The children’s scientific team managed to collect all the pieces of the time machine and return to the present day. The children share their experiences and set up again the exhibition they had planned before the machine broke down. The party is explosive, it has a taste of every trip taken. Their memories, experiences and preferences take center stage. Music, dance and flavors from the past and the future fascinate us. Every day and a different experience is reflected in our exhibition party as we experienced it.

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